tour-demoWelcome to Hair Battle Tour by Xotics. Hair Battle Tour is a city to city tour created by Curtis Smith, creator of Xotics products.

Our venue provides an opportunity for barbers and stylists to compete for cash prizes, trophies and bragging rights.

We also provide hair and business training seminars around the country that are hosted by Master barbers & stylists.

The Hair Battle Tour is committed to providing awareness about the importance of maintaining and living a healthy lifestyle.




Grooves of Houston
2300 Pierce St.
Houston, TX 77003

For more info call 845-244-0060

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$25 for advance tickets


Sunday July, 31st


Doors open at 4PM Battle Starts at 5PM



Barber Training Seminar

Want to take your barber game to the next level? This panel of accomplished celebrity barbers have assembled to help you on your journey. From Hollywood to sports, these barbers are the premier barbers in the field today and will share info with you face to face. You don’t want to miss this mega class.


Curtis Smith (Taking your barber game to the next level)
Kenny Duncan  (Clipper over comb fading)
Danny Amorim  (Beard cutting techniques)
Chico Boom    (Proper shaving technique and shop management)
J Roc (Design and hair art)
Jarvis Gibson –  (24 Laws of Barbering)
Lici Lady barber   (Panel)


Sunday July 31,
9 am – 3 pm
Brashaes Beauty
11902 Gessner Rd. Houston,  TX 77071




  • Fade with Beard
  • Fastest Fade
  • Comb over
  • Old School
  • Freestyle Design

  • Total Look
  • Design with Color (Free GraffEtch)
  • Stylist Creative Bob with Color
  • Student Barber Best Fade
  • Student Stylist Fantasy


This competition is for the fastest of the fast, the best of the best. If you can’t finish a hair cut in 15 minutes.  Models must have at least a #2 length on top or higher, no pre-cut, no lines, no shape ups. Hair will be cut to no lower that 1 1/2 on top to bald on sides. Barbers will be judged on the speed, blend of the fade, how tight the line is, and the overall cleanliness of the haircut.
Low fade with beard 45 min
This battle Is an everyday cut battle that is all about a good clean haircut. The low fade must be a true low fade not mid or high. The length on the top must be at least 1.5 and the sides must be bald to show full transition.  Model will be judged on fade, transitions, shape up, beard, overall cut.
This is for any barber that wants to show off their artistry skills and creativity from simple to the most complex design. Barbers will be judged on how creative and clean their cut/design is. There is no color used in this competition during the competition, but you may pre-color with permanent color at least 24 hrs before competition. There are to be no  pre-cuts. Barbers will be judged on the complexity, creativity, the design, and overall haircut.  There are no extra points given or deducted for color usage. Theme Outfit is not judged in this competition but is welcomed.
Combover. 45 min
This is a classic look completion where barbers must execute a Combover cut while being creative. The actual look of the cut cannot be changed in the top but you can be creative on the rest of the style. The models hair must be at least trimmed on all sections. There are no designs necessary for this look. Barbers are judged on precision of cut, fading, creativity and overall look including outfit.
Total look.   45 min
Total look competition is a competition where the outfit and the hair are judged equally.  Your total look can be anything from movies to sports whatever you choose.  Keep in mind the judges must know what your idea is portraying so make it something you think they will be familiar with. Models will be judged on creativity, haircut, difficulty.
Old school    45 min
This competition is a throwback to the 80’s haircuts like Flat top, Gumby, Staircase, with parts and or color.
The judging will be based on cleanliness of cut, fading, shaping, overall look of the cut.  Designs are accepted but will not give you extra points.
Creative bob with color 30 min
This competition is for Bob hairstyle enthusiasts who like to be creative.  The style and the color will hold equal value in the judging. All coloring will be Done before the competition but cutting and styling will be done on the premises. Models will be judged on creativity, precision of cut, color, overall styling.
Student fade 30 min
This battle is for the student that wants to show the self where they stack up against the other students out there. It is a fade competition that is all about the cut. You will be judged on precision of fade, shape up, and overall haircut.
Student stylist fantasy 
The stylist fantasy competition is for the creative at heart.  The boundaries are limitless as to what you can use to create your style. Props are allowed. This competition will be judged on creativity, difficulty, quality of work.
Graffiti etch hair art competition. 30 min
This competition is to show your hair art capability. This free competition does allow you to pre-cut your models design, then finish it on stage. There is a 30 min period allowed to finish your model. Judging will be based on creativity, color usage, cleanliness, overall look
Lici Lady Barber
Drew the Barber
Sipp the Surgeon
Kenny Duncan


June 28, 2015

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