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Event Summary
Date: May 18, 2014
City: Revere, Massachussetts
Location: Wonderland Ballroom
Address: 1290 North Shore Road - Revere, MA 02151
Hours: Education/Training: 9am - 3pm
Barber Battle: 5pm - 11pm
Sneaker Battle: 6pm - 10pm

Doors open to the Public: 4pm
Summary: The Xotics Hair Battle Tour is an opportunity for barbers/stylists to unite, showcase their skills in friendly competion, gain knowledge about the industry, and network with peers in the same profession.
The Hair BattleTour is committed to providing awareness on the importance of barber education, proper grooming techniques and innovative products and services that are available.
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Want to Enter a Competition...?

FASTEST FADE – 15 Minutes

This competition is for the fastest of the fast, the best of the best. If you can’t finish a hair cut in 15 minutes, don’t bother entering…! Models must have at least a #2 length on top, no pre-cut, no lines, no shape ups. Hair will be cut to at least 1 1/2 on top to bald on sides. Barbers will be judged on the speed, blend of the fade, how tight the line is, and the overall cleanliness of the haircut.


This is for any barber that wants to show off their artistry skills and creativity from simple to the most complex design. Barbers will be judged on how creative and clean their cut/design is. You do whatever you want use, any color you want. No pre-cuts. Barbers will be judged on the complexity, creativity, the design, and overall haircut. There are no extra points given or deducted for color usage. Theme outfit is not judged in this competition but is welcomed.

MOHAWK – 45 Minutes

This competition is the best Mohawk w/ a Fade or Taper incorporated in the cut & style. Looking for a clean, detailed, and the smoothest blend going into Mohawk. (Design in Mohawk is optional). No pre-cuts or shape ups, no color to make their cuts stand out. The barbers will be judged on the fade, the Mohawk, and overall haircut and creativity.


This is for any barber that feels their art duplication is the BEST. Barbers will be judged on how precise to the image given the cut is. Barbers will have to replicate the image given. There’s no color no pre cuts. Barbers will be judged on similarity, precision and overall cut.


This competition is about clean precise cutting. Models are judged by the quality of the fade, the neatness and blend of the beard and its transition. Hair length on top must be at least 1.5 on top and beard must be at least a 1. There are to be no colors or pre-coloring done or model is automatically disqualified. this cut is to display clean cutting skills.


This is a classic look completion where barbers must execute a pompadour cut while being creative. The actual look of the cut cannot be changed in the top but you can be creative on the rest of the style. There are no designs necessary for this look but are accepted. Barbers are judged on precision of cut, fading, creativity.

THEME DESIGN – 60 Minutes

Theme design competition is a total look competition where the outfit and the hair are judged equally. Your total look can be anything from movies to sports. Barbers will be judged on creativity, haircut, difficulty and overall look including outfit.



This competition will be based on the style of the cut, transformation, difficultly, creativity and originality.

LADY BOB – 30 Minutes

This competition is a dry cut and style competition. Models hair must be cut at least 1 inch shorter than original length. stylist will be judged on creativity, cleanliness, technique. hair can be pre-colored and set for style. The only styling tools that can be used are shears, razors, irons, and electric trimmers. You may use spray colors but no liquid colors on stage. You may also use styling products of choice gels etc.(no blow dryers please).

Sneaker Battle

Calling All Sneakerheads…!

It’s time to bring out your Heat and take the stage. I, Danny Amorim. Mr Will Cut for Kicks will be hosting and judging the Sneaker Battle. We will have 4 different catergories,

* Best Jordan * Best Female * Best Nike * Best Overall

We’ve made many stops in many different cities and sneakerheads are showing out. I’ll be looking for the rarest kicks in the building so make sure you know your History and especially know what you got on your feet.!! Winner takes home the trophy and all the bragging rights.

Date: May 17, 2014
City: Maynard, MA
Location: Porfinos Barbershop
Address: 43 Mason St. – Maynard, MA 01754
Hours: 8pm – 11pm
For Competitors Only

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Entry Fees:

$100 (per category) for Professionals and $30 (per category) for Students.

Prizes for Professional Competitions:

1st Place: $500 and Trophy
2nd Place & 3rd Place: Trophy

Prizes for Student Competitions: Trophy only.

Summary: Learn from some of the top industry educators through a well rounded curriculum that includes six (6) hours of intense training. Each training session will have 3 educators teaching skills from fading to designing, self-branding and proper business operations. Lunch will be served.
$75 For ALL Education seminars - Includes FREE admission to the Barber Battles.

Educator:  Curtis Smith

Master barber and founder of Xotics products. noted for being Sean (Diddy) combs and Usher Raymonds personal groomer for over 15 years. This class will be a motivational seminar about choosing your destiny, knowing our brand and your worth. How to become a successful Barber in a shorter time. We will also be doing Q&A.


Jesse Lima

Master barber designer owner of elements of Dzign Learn how to bring your designs and haircuts to life with color and the step by step way to create a intricate design from start to finish…


Kenny Duncan

Lead Andis Educator

Come learn how to create all fades with various clipper over comb techniques. Learn various fading techniques that include variations of combs and techniques to create consistent quality fades. Mohawk Fades, Pompadore Fades, Traditional Tapers, and Bald fades will be covered. Each haircut is covered within a systematic approach that is easy to learn. In this class these topics will be covered: How to use different combs like attachment combs-How create Different finished looks from different clippers- Blending techniques for straight and curly hairCare and Maintenance- Styling tips…


Jorge Sierra

Massachusetts Barber Board Educator

Motivational speaking How to over come obstacles in the barbering industry /traditional men’s cuts ,the fundamental of shear cutting and blending techniques. Learn how to properly use clippers with various guide sizes and angles in conjunction with a comb. Learn the comb over clipper fading technique. Learn how to correctly hold and manipulate shears during the shears over comb to texturize. Learn how to blend with shears in a fade haircut…


Danny Amorim

Andis Educator – Owner of Klippers Barbershop

Our class will consist of some of the essential tips and techniques to increase your Barber career. From time management, to marketing/networking, and establishing a long term clientele base. Also we will be learning about some of the latest Andis tools on the market to date.​..


Scott Ramos

Scott Ramos, aka “Famos” is a barber & hairstylists at Notorious Barbershop in Montreal, Quebec. Mixing high-end luxury with old-school technique, Notorious is the premier destination for barber services…

Terms & Conditions

Competitors must be at least 18 years of age to enter in most markets you must 21 so check the flyer of website for that information. The competition fee includes a one-day exhibit hall entry for the competitor and their model. (One model per battle). Hair Battle Tour reserves the right to cancel or rescheduled the event. By attending or purchasing admission I release all images, video, or digital recording that contain me as well as my name to Hair Battle Tour by Xotics by which it may be used for marketing, promotional, or sell publicly or privately and there will be no financial compensation provided to me. I release you and Hair Battle Tour of any injuries or accidents that may occur at any event they host. Vendors and Competitors agree to the rules and terms as described in the Vendor Contract and  Competitor Contract/Rules accordingly.

Note for Vendors: Vendors agree Event organizer retains the right to terminate the Vendor Agreement of ANY vendor who falsely represents themselves or their products/services in the vendor contract.  In such cases the organize will refund the cost of the Vendor Booth LESS a $100 service fee and the Vendor will be restricted from selling products/services at the venue.